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Microscope Information

Microscope Service
Microscope Magnification
Microscope Magnification versus Resolution
Making Measurements
The Differences Between Biological Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes
Stereo Fluorescence Microscopy
5 Tips to Properly Care for Your Microscope
10 Fun Facts About The History Of The Microscope


Types Of Microscopes

5 Different Types of Microscopes & Their Uses
Andrology Semen Analysis Microscopes
C. Elegans Worms Microscopes

Cell Microscopes
Coin Collector Microscopes
Dermatology Microscopes
Developmental Biology Microscopes
Digital-Capable Microscopes
Field Microscopes
Filter Patch Inspection Microscopes
Floor Wear Thickness Measuring Microscopes
High School WiFi Microscopes
Hair Analysis Microscopes
Industrial Stereo Microscopes
Inverted Microscopes
Metallurgical Microscopes
Museum Display Microscope
Pap Smear Microscope
Phase Microscopes
Polarizing Microscopes
Precision Measuring Microscopes
Rabies Diagnosis Testing Microscopes
Reproductive Medicine Microscopes
Stereoscope Stereo Zoom Microscopes
Surface Roughness Inspection Microscopes
Textile Examination Microscopes
Tissue Microscopes
Video Microscopes
Zoom Microscopes


Microscope Objectives and Lenses

Phase Contrast
Understanding Darkfield Microscopy
How to Obtain Darkfield in Microscopy
Objective Lens Information
When, Why & How to Use Immersion Oil
How to Parfocal Microscope Objectives
Images of Clean vs. Dirty Objectives
Cleaning Microscope Lenses
Calibrating Your Microscope
Measuring Accurately with a Reticle
Microscope Field of View
How Changing Magnification Affects Field of View
Infinity Corrected Optics
Microscope Resolution


Microscope Parts Explained

Microscope Parts and Specifications
Labeling Microscope Parts Activity (Free Printouts)
Microscope Maintenance
Cleaning Your Microscope
How to Adjust Focusing Eyepieces
How to Optimize Microscope Illumination
Koehler Illumination
How to Evaluate Microscope Quality
Glossary of Microscope Terms
History of the Microscope
Taking Pictures with your Microscope
Beam Splitters
Connecting Moticam Digital Cameras to the Microscope
Connecting SLR cameras to Meiji Microscopes
Recommended Books on Microscopes
Polarizing Microscope Information
C-Mounts and Image Sensors
C-Mounts Adapters Explained
Microscope Slide Staining Information
Microscope Filters & Their Uses
WiFi Microscope Camera Software Explained
Setting Up an Ergonomic Microscope Workstation
Compound Microscope Parts



Microscope Frequently Asked Questions

What Microscope Should You Buy For Your Child?
How Do You Calculate Microscope Magnification? 
What is Resolution In A Microscope?
What is a Stereo Microscope?
What is a Compound Microscope?
How to Use a Microscope?
What are the Different Types of Microscopes and their Uses?
How to Take Pictures Through the Microscope     
What are the different Microscope Contrast Techniques?     
What is the difference between a LED ring light and a polarizing LED ring light?


Microscope Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Dust & Dirt Specks in Microscopy Images
Troubleshooting: How to Fix Microscope Focusing
Troubleshooting Microscope Lighting & Light Bulbs
Troubleshooting Microscope Condensers
Troubleshooting Microscope Stage Drift & Focusing Gear Tension
Troubleshooting Microscope Cameras & Digital Microscopes


Microscope Images & Digital Microscopy

Microscopy Image Gallery
5 Microscope Digital Camera Options
How to Mount a Microscope Camera Over the Eyepiece
How to Use a Microscope Eyepiece Camera
How to Calculate Microscope On-Screen Magnification
Optimizing C-Mount Field of View
Using a C-Mount to Increase Digital Measuring Capability
Images Captured with Different Microscope Digital Cameras
Monochrome Microscopy Camera Info
Images at Different Magnifications
Images captured with the Infinity 3S-1UR microscope camera
Images captured with the Jenoptik Arktur microscope camera
Images captured with the DCM10.1 microscope camera 10mp
Images captured with the DM52 digital kids microscope
Images captured with the DC128 digital student microscope
Images captured with the DC5-163 digital biological microscope
Coins at Different Magnifications
Images of Human Anatomy and Bacteriology Prepared Slides
Images of Phytology, Zoology and Algae Prepared Slides
Camera Resolution & Pixels Required to Print Quality Images
Microscope Digital Camera Image Stitching
Motic Images Software Calibration
Motic Images Software Setup: First Steps Prior to Use
ZEISS Microscope Cameras Comparison
ZEISS Labscope Software
How to Use Z-Stacking Microscopy Software



Microscope Manuals
Microscope Setup Guides
Science Journal Free Download (PDF File)


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