Microscope World is part of the CA Green Business Network

Microscope World is a green certified business by the California Green Business Network. In order to become certified Microscope World had to meet standards for energy reduction, pollution prevention, solid waste recycling, switch to cleaner products to ensure wastewater is not contaminated, and reduce clean water use.

Some of the changes Microscope World made included switching to 100% recycled paper products in the office, switching to non-toxic cleaning products that meet EWG's A standard, encouraging alternative commuting methods such as commute by bike, and removing single use plastics from the office. Microscope World does its part to keep the planet happy and healthy. Peanuts used for packing microscopes are biodegradable and we have started using shredded paper for packing when feasible. Boxes are recycled and reused when possible. At our office we have low-flow water spouts on all faucets to save water, as well as solar on our roof.


California Green Business Network