Microscope Brands

Microscope World has been in business for over 20 years and is proud to have a good working relationship with each of the brands listed below.

 Richter Optica
Richter Optica
Richter Optica manufactures educational, laboratory and basic industrial microscopes. Manufactured in China, the microscopes are put through a full inspection quality test before they leave the factory, and again upon entering the states. The end result is an affordable, quality microscope.
Zeiss Microscopes  Zeiss
Carl Zeiss Microscopy started as a workshop by Carl Zeiss in 1846. Zeiss microscopes are manufactured in Germany, known for their superior optical quality. The company is owned by a foundation that is constantly reinvesting in research and development, resulting in a reputation for producing innovative and evolving products that meet market demands and continuously contributing to further research in the area of microscopy.
 Mitutoyo Microscopes Mitutoyo
Mitutoyo has been manufacturing high quality industrial metrology products and microscopes for over 80 years. Mitutoyo microscopes and industrial products including profile projectors, vision measuring systems, laser scan micrometers and calipers are all manufactured in Japan. All Mitutoyo products are known for their extremely high quality and durability.
 pco cameras
pco is a leading specialist and innovator in digital imaging used in scientific and industrial applications such as life and physical science, high-speed imaging and machine vision. pco has over 30 years of expert knowledge and experience. pco cameras are manufactured in Germany.
 National Optical
National Optical
National Optical is one of the largest manufacturers of educational microscopes that are sold throughout the United States. Manufactured in China, the microscopes are put through a two-point quality test, but before they leave the factory, and again upon entering the states. This QA process results in a reliable and top value brand for educational and industrial uses.
For over 50 years Swift Optical Instruments has been a global leader in the production of quality microscopes. Swift strives to provide tools that will help educators with innovative classroom resources. Their most recent production is a comprehensive lab manual designed for use with the Swift digital microscopes.
Motic is one of the best emerging Chinese microscope manufactures. The company performs contract manufacturing for Zeiss, including the optics in their microscope line. Motic has demonstrated the ability to produce high quality, value instruments that are durable.
 Fein Optic Microscopes
Fein Optic
Fein Optic microscopes are manufactured in the same factory that makes high quality Olympus and Zeiss microscopes. The Fein Optic microscopes include high quality optics at a value price compared to the same Olympus and Zeiss microscopes.
  Meiji Techno
Manufactured in Japan, Meiji Techno prides itself for carrying a value brand of high-quality microscopes. Meiji is the third largest manufacturer of optical microscopes in Japan. All Meiji microscopes include a limited lifetime warranty.
Lumenera is a market leader in producing an extensive range of high quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today's microscopy imaging applications. Manufactured in Canada, the company is committed to high quality, cost-effective solutions whether it be with their cameras, or their user-friendly software.
  Jenoptik Progres
Jenoptik Progres® microscopy cameras are manufactured in Germany. Known for their high quality and unique shape for cooling, the cameras excel in applications where exact reproduction of colors is the first priority - because every sensor is color calibrated and each channel is digitized in 14 bits. The microscope cameras are available with color or monochrome sensors, with or without cooling and each camera includes ProgRes® CapturePro software which supports both Windows and MAC.
X-Cite fluorescence illuminators first originated as Lumen Dynamics and was acquired by Excilitas in 2013. Known for its exceptional stability and superior illumination uniformity, X-Cite offers a wide range of lamp and LED light sources for fluorescence microscopy.  The illuminators include a 1-year warranty.
Lumencor is leading the life sciences with light engines for bioanalysis. Lumencor products are made in the USA. Novel optical excitation subsystems are designed for an array of bioanalytical instruments including fluorescence microscopes. The company has developed innovative, powerful, pure, stable, durable and cost-effective lighting solutions. Discrete outputs are available through the UV-Vis-NIR spectrum from a proprietary mix of independently controllable solid state sources. Lumencor’s products provide more power than an arc lamp with the durability, stability, speed and flexibility of a solid state solution.
 Navitar Navitar
Navitar products are all designed and produced in the USA. In 1960 a Navitar lens was designed for NASA and the US Department of Defense. The lens that was designed for NASA is on display at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. Navitar products have a lifetime warranty.
 PaxCam PAXcam and PAXit!
PAXcam and PAXit! microscopy cameras and software are well known for providing microscopy solutions that are specialized for specific industries, especially when it comes to advanced microscopy software. The specialized software modules are made for life sciences and material sciences. Whether your microscopy solution requires quality control, grain sizing, or meeting HIPAA 21CFR part 11 and extended security measurements, PAXit software has you covered.
 TMC Vibration Isolation TMC
TMC started business in 1969 and introduced some of the first vibration isolation tables in 1970. These vibration isolation tables and benchtop isolators are designed to isolate ultra-precision instruments including optical microscopes, SPMs, and metrology instruments. The vibration isolation tables are ideal for a variety of applications including atomic force microscopy (AFM), confocal microscopy, IVF, patch-clamping, interferometry, and metrology.
 WDI Wise Device Inc WDI Wise Device Inc
WDI Wise Device Inc. is an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing of OEM components and complete microscopy automation solutions. WDI's products range from automated microscopy modules used in IR imaging systems to compact auto focus sensors. Their OEM components and OEM modular systems provide solutions for metrology, electronics, biomedical imaging, and semiconductor applications.
 Hausser Scientific Hausser Scientific
Hausser Scientific was founded in 1986 to manufacture glass counting chambers. The company manufactures high quality glass counting chambers known as Hemacytometers, all in the USA. Hemacytometers are used to accurately count red and white blood cells, platelets, dust/yeast clusters, mold, and specimens in spinal and other body fluids.
 Metkon Metkon
Metkon has been providing advanced solutions for sample preparation equipment and supplies since 1993. Metkon is setting the standard for manufacturing quality by implementation of the ISO-9001 standards with their product design and manufacturing engineers.