Meiji SLR Digital Camera Adapters for Microscopes

In order to adapt your 35mm film or digital SLR camera to the Meiji trinocular port of your microscope, you will need the following items.

1. T-2 Ring for your SLR Camera Body

T-2 SLR Adapter Ring

T2-1 Canon (see T2-9 for EOS)
T2-2 Minolta
T2-3 Pentax K
T2-4 Pentax S (threaded)
T2-5 Nikon

T2-6 Olympus (MF-1 OM may be needed)
T2-7 Contax, Yashica
T2-8 Konica
T2-9 Canon EOS, auto focus
T2-10 Minolta Alpha/Maxim 2000

2. Photo Eyepiece

The photo eyepiece will perform the same function as the standard 35mm camera lens (focusing the image at the film plane). There are three photo eyepieces to choose from.

  • MA986 - 1.9x Magnification (Consumer SLR cameras use this lens to match 10x eyepieces)
  • MA512 - 2.5x Magnification (For PRO series digital SLR cameras)
  • MA500 - 3.3x Magnification (with reticle mount)
  • MA508 - 5x Magnification
Meiji Photo Eyepiece

3. MA150 Series Camera Attachment

The camera attachment will allow you to mount the camera body directly to the microscope trinocular port.
Straight tube camera attachment
Camera attachment with built-in focusing eyepiece
MA150/50 Camera Attachment
MA150/60 Camera Attachment

View the complete setup

Meiji SLR System