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Digital SLR Camera Adapters

Digital SLR Camera Adapters

Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Microscope Camera Adapters

These digital single lens reflex (SLR) microscope camera adapters allow you to connect your SLR camera to your microscope. These microscope camera adapters can connect though a 23mm ID eyetube, a 30mm ID eyetube or on a 1x c-mount adapter. The adapter has a lens built into it that is the equivalent of looking through a 10x microscope eyepiece. NOTE: if you have a SLR microscope camera that is not listed below contact us to see if we can adapt your specific camera.

SLR Microscope Camera AdapterThe image at left shows the microscope SLR digital camera adapter connected to a 1x c-mount on a stereo microscope. The SLR digital camera adapters for microscopes can either drop into a 23mm ID eyetube, a 30mm ID eyetube or connect directly to a 1x c-mount adapter.

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