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Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical Microscopes

metallurgical microscopes
Microscope World's metallurgical microscopes offer high magnification with reflected and transmitted light. Metallograph microscopes, a type of compound microscope, allow the user to view opaque items at high magnification. Specialty uses for metallurgical microscopes include use as measuring instruments for measuring thin films, electroplating coatings, grain size, surface inclusions and defects. Our metallurgical microscopes are available in binocular and trinocular models with both upright, inverted and boom stand microscope systems.

metallurgical microscope
Metallurgical microscopes are available with brightfield or brightfield and darkfield. There is a great explanation of darkfield microscopy here. The high magnification of metallurgical microscopes is perfect for viewing items that won't allow light to pass through them (such as metals, coated films and solid objects where defects must be detected.) All metallurgical microscopes have the option to add a microscopy camera and software for capturing images and making measurements.

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