Textile Exam Microscopes for AATCC 20 and AATCC 20A Methods

There are two methods for textile examination (AATCC 20 and AATCC 20A) requiring the use of a compound microscope with polarized light. The Association of Textile, Apparel, and Materials Professionals lists all test methods here.

AATCC20 20A Textile Exam MicroscopeAATCC 20 and AATCC 20A methods require use of a compound microscope that utilizes polarized light with magnification of 100x-500x.

  • Test Method AATCC 20 is a qualitative fiber analysis test.
  • Test Method AATCC 20A is a quantitative fiber analysis test.

The textile examination microscope shown at left was created to meet all standards required by method AATCC 20 and AATCC 20A. In addition, this textile exam microscope has a high definition microscope camera and HD monitor for viewing live images and capturing and saving images as well as making measurements. Documentation is simple with the option for image capture directly to a SD memory card.

The textile examination microscope includes:
  • Gypsum λ full wave plate
  • Mica 1/4 λ wave plate
  • Polarizer and Analyzer
  • Infinity Corrected Optics
  • Stress Free Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, 60x objective lenses
  • Mechanical Stage
  • HD camera and 12" HD monitor

The AATCC 20 and AATCC 20A Textile Exam Microscope can be purchased here.