Lumenera Infinity 3S-1UR Microscopy Camera Images

The Lumenera Infinity 3S-1UR ultra sensitive microscope CCD camera is a research grade microscopy camera that was designed for challenging low light applications such as fluorescence and NIR imaging. The high-speed USB 3.0 interface provides the ability for images to be sent to the computer at 60 frames per second.

The images below were captured using the Infinity 3S-1UR microscope camera.

Lumenera Infinity 3S-1UR Microscope Camera Image

Fluorescence image of BPAE sample captured at 400x magnification with the Infinity 3S-1UR camera.

Lumenera Infinity 3S-1UR Microscope Camera Image of Mouse Kidney

Mouse Kidney captured with the Lumenera Infinity 3S-1UR camera at 100x magnification.

Rat brain captured under fluorescence microscope at 100x using Lumenera 3S-1UR microscope camera.

Rat brain captured under a fluorescence microscope at 100x with Infinity 3S-1UR microscopy camera.

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