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Hematology Microscopes

Hematology Microscopes

Hematology microscopes are used to study, diagnose, treat and prevent diseases related to blood and its components such as blood cells, hemoglobin, blood proteins and coagulation of the blood. Blood and bone marrow are viewed under a hematology microscope.

Hematology MicrosocpesThese hematology microscope packages were created specifically for the hematologists.

A very good differentiation of cell types and clearly visible cellular details are absolute prerequisites in hematology. Hematologists rely on crystal-clear images to visualize morphological details such as delicate granules, Auer rods, irregularities of the nuclear membrane or clefted nuclei.

When examining a peripheral blood smear, a hematologist starts with a low magnification objective such as a 10x or 20x lens. The hematologist is looking for an overview of red and white blood cell densities, the number of erythrocytes present, the color and rough morphology, and if obvious cellular inclusions are present. In higher magnification of typically 60x or 100x, (sometimes 40x for bone marrow), a manual differential cell count is performed and red and white blood cell morphology including the presence of inclusions or parasites are assessed.

Apart from brightfield microscopy phase contrast and polarizing microscopy techniques are also used for certain types of samples.

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