DCM10.1 Microscope Camera Images

All images on this page were captured using the DCM10.1 microscope camera and software (10 mega pixels) and the S2-TPD stereo microscope. Images were all captured at 10x or 30x magnification.

 DCM10 Printed Circuit Image    Microscopy printed circuit image
 Printed Circuit Board 10x
   Industrial Part 10x
 Penny under the microscope    Circuit under the microscope
 Penny 10x
   Circuit 10x
 Printed circuit under the microscope    Circuit under the microscope
 Printed Circuit Board 10x
   Printed Circuit Board 30x
 Printed Card Stock    SD Card under the microscope
 Printed Card Stock 10x
   SD Memory Card 10x
 Plastic under microscope    PCB 30x microscopy image
 Plastic Cap 10x
   Printed Circuit Board 30x

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