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Precision Measuring Microscopes

Precision measuring microscopes are used for viewing and measuring opaque objects at high magnification.

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digimatic indicator measuring microscopeMeasuring microscopes are used for viewing and measuring opaque objects at high magnification. The measuring microscope utilizes a metallurgical microscope body and objective lenses on a larger stage, combined with X, Y and sometimes Z-axis digimatic measuring indicators.

The digimatic measuring microscope indicators are used to make accurate measurements when viewing any sample through the measuring microscope. Digimatic indicators can be used for X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis measurement, although each of these are separate indicators. The measurement process involves the following:

  • Look through the measuring microscope (it is equipped with a cross-line reticle) and locate the part of the sample you wish to measure.
  • Line up the cross-line on the sample, make sure the digimatic indicator is set to zero, and then begin turning the knob on the digimatic indicator. As the digimatic indicator is slowly turned, the stage moves in small increments.
  • While continuing to look through the eyepieces, locate the end of the point on the sample you wish to measure and continue rotating the digimatic indictor until the end point on the sample is in the center of the crossline on the microscope.
  • The number shown on the digimatic readout is an accurate measurement of this segment.

transmitted light measuring microscope

Measuring microscopes always have reflected light from above the stage that shines down through the metallurgical objective lenses. Total magnification provided is typically 50x, 100x, 200x and 500x. Some measuring microscopes will also have transmitted light that shines up from beneath the stage as well. More advanced measuring microscope models will also provide darkfield illumination.