The Differences Between Biological Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes

What is the difference between a stereo microscope and a biological microscope? And why would you choose to purchase a stereo microscope instead of a biological microscope? Let's take a look at the differences between the two types of microscopes.

Biological Microscope Labeled

Take a look at the biological microscope shown above and notice these features:

Stereo Microscope Labeled

The stereo microscope shown above has several features that are not available on a biological microscope:

In conclusion, depending on what type of sample you need to view will determine whether a stereo microscope or a biological microscope is better for your needs. Below is a chart with some specimens and the microscope best suited to view those items.


 Biological Microscope
  Stereo Microscope
 Blood cells
 Bacteria    Rocks
 Protozoans    Coins
 Pond Water
   Printed Circuit Boards
 Prepared Slides
   Industrial metal parts
 Skin cells
   Fabric weave
 Dust particles


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