Upgrade Microscope to Digital

For a microscope, there are three types of heads that are used:
Monocular Microscope
Monocular: 1 Eyepiece
Binocular Microscope
Binocular: 2 Eyepieces
Trinocular Microscope
Trinocular: 2 Eyepieces + Camera Port
Digital Microscope Eyepiece CameraIf you have either a monocular or a binocular microscope head, the only option to upgrade your microscope to a digital model is to use one of the eyetubes for the camera. The eyepiece is removed from the microscope and replaced with an eyepiece camera such as the PupilCam. The image at right is the HS-1D digital student microscope. This microscope is made into a digital microscope by replacing the second eyepiece in the teaching tube with a microscope digital camera.

C-Mount Camera MicroscopeThe typical connection between a camera and a trinocular microscope is called a C-Mount adapter. The purpose of the C-Mount adapter is to connect the camera (with threads) onto the microscope and to format the image coming from the microscope so that it will "fit" onto the camera sensor. When you look through the microscope you see a circular image, but a camera has a rectangular image, so the image you see on the camera is cut out from your circular microscope image. When using a c-mount adapter, the camera / adapter configuration looks like the image shown at left.

If you have a trinocular head, the microscope is set up to accept a C-Mount adapter and a microscope digital camera. Please note that C-Mount adapters are not universal and are designed for a specific brand and model of microscope. If you are unable to locate a c-mount adapter for your specific brand of microscope, you may be able to use this generic focusing C-Mount adapter. Below are some images of common types of C-Mount adapters for various microscopes.

Microscope C-Mount Adapters Richter Optica C-Mount Adapter Meiji Microscope C-Mounts Microscope C-mount adapter

Once you connect your C-Mount adapter to the trinocular port of your microscope, you are then ready to connect a microscope digital camera, WiFi wireless microscope camera, or a tablet camera to convert your microscope to a digital microscope. Below are some images of cameras and tablets connected using the C-Mount adapter on the trinocular port of the microscope.

Tablet Biology Microscope Digital Stereo Microscope WiFi iPad Microscope Macro Zoom Lens Camera

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