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FPFZ6 Digital Filter Patch Inspection LED Stereo Microscope

Price: $2,995.00
The FPFZ6D digital stereo zoom binocular microscope has been created for oil filter patch inspection and image capture. The stand has a built-in top and bottom LED illumination, which helps examine particles. The higher magnification package has been created with working distance in mind - so that you can still fit filter patches under the microscope without losing much working distance and without losing quality magnification.

  • Stereo Microscope Body: Zoom ratio of 6.7:1. Greenough system designed for harsh environments of production and testing. Includes c-mount adapter for camera connection.
  • Eyepieces: Includes binocular head, eyetubes are inclined 45° and head rotates 360°. Depending which magnification package is selected below, widefield 10x or 15x eyepieces are included. +/-5 diopter on each eyetube. Interpupillary adjustment from 54mm - 76mm.
  • Total Magnification Range package options: 
Package Magnification Particle Size Included Working Distance
 A  6.7x - 45x
 3 mil + or
75um +
10x Eyepieces
 B  15x - 101x
 1-3 mil or
1.5x Aux Lens
15x Eyepieces

  • Stand: Track stand with transmitted and reflected LED illuminators.Top light has 15 LED lights. Vertical travel of 110mm. Includes dust cover.
  • Focusing: Precision guide rack and pinion focusing with tension adjustable focus knobs.
  • Illumination: Built in top and bottom LED lights. Each has its own intensity control and on/off switch. Top light has 15 LEDs.
  • Measuring: Includes eyepiece reticle (10mm / 100 divisions) and stage micrometer 1mm / 100 divisions.
  • Camera: Includes 3 megapixel camera and software for image capture and measurement.\
  • Software Calibration: If you plan to make measurements using the software you will need to calibrate the microscope. Calibrating your software with the microscope requires use of a stage micrometer. When ordering please select this option if you do not already have a stage micrometer. The stage micrometer included is a dual ruler with 1" equally spaced and numbered 0-10 as well as 25mm equally spaced and numbered 0-25. If NIST certification is selected 10 points on each scale will be certified. Please note that NIST certification takes approximately 2 weeks.
  • Warranty: Five year warranty excluding electrical parts on microscope, 1-year warranty on camera.

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