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Microscope Cleaning Kit

Price: $15.00

Microscope cleaning kit includes the following items.

  • Soft Lens Brush: The soft lens brush cleans dust off delicate lenses without scratching or harming them.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: A soft cloth for removing dirt or oil from the microscope.
  • Lens Paper: 2 packages each containing 50 sheets of lens paper for cleaning objectives and eyepieces.
  • Cleaning Solution: Removes dirt, dust and fogginess from lenses while creating a protective layer on lenses to prevent further residue build-up. Antistatic. Can be used to clean body of microscope as well.
  • Air Blower: Use this puff-of-air tool to gently blow dust off of optics without having to touch the lens. Ideal for preventing scratches on highly dirty lenses.

To learn more about proper microscope cleaning techniques please click here.