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Petrographic Exam Aggregates Concrete Microscope

Price: $10,275.00

Petrographic Examination of Aggregates for Concrete Microscope:
ASTM C295, ASTM C457M, ASTM C856

The Fein Optic R40PEAC polarizing petrographic microscope provides transmitted light along with high quality strain-free polarizing objectives for the most intensive aggregate and concrete examination work. This microscope system meets the standards for ASTM C295, ASTM C457M and ASTM C856.

  • Viewing Head: 30° inclined gemel trinocular head with interpupillary distance adjustable from 54-75mm. Trinocular port allows 100:0 or 50:50 light. Quintuple revolving reversed nosepiece.
  • Eyepieces: Left eyetube has diopter +/-5. Includes high eyepoint widefield PL 10x/22mm eyepieces, paired. One eyepiece contains cross-line reticle.
  • Objective Lenses: Stress free plan Infinity Corrected 4x, 10x, 40x, 60x objectives are included. Optional 20x available below.
  • Total Magnification: 40x, 100x, 400x, 600x.
  • Specimen Stage: 160mm diameter circular metal stage with graphite coating, anti-corrosive and anti-friction, rotates 360°, 1° increment, precision 6', with locking device.
  • Illumination: Transmitted Koehler 12v, 50w halogen lamp is centered with iris diaphragm. Voltage 100V~240V.
  • Condenser: Swing-out achromatic condenser (NA1.2) with 360° rotatable polarizer, four adjustable scale: 0/90/180/270.
  • Focusing: Coarse focusing with upper limit and tension adjustment, fine focusing precision of 0.002mm. Focusing knob is low-position for comfortable operation.
  • Bertrand Lens: Intermediate tube holds removable internal Bertrand lens with rotating switch, centerable and focusable.
  • Analyzer: Intermediate tube holds pluggable analyzer, 360° rotatable in 2° increments, precision 6' with locking device.
  • Compensator: Gypsmλ, Mica 1/4λ, Quartz Wedge.
  • C-Mount Adapter: Includes 0.5x C-Mount Adapter for camera connection.
  • Camera: Includes USB 5 megapixel microscope camera with image management and measurement software.
  • Size & Weight: 19.8" (503mm) H x 17" (432mm) D x 9.8" (250mm) W 
  • Warranty: 5 Years.
  • View the User's Manual for this polarizing microscope here.
  • View the brochure for the polarizing microscope here.

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