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Stereo zoom microscopes provide a 3-dimensional or "stereo" image when looking through the microscope.

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stereo zoom microscopes

Stereo zoom microscopes provide a 3-dimensional or "stereo" image when looking through the microscope. The zoom feature on the stereo zoom microscope provides a range of viewing possibilities, and is the single feature that is most useful when selecting a stereoscope. The zoom knob on a stereo microscope provides magnification within a large range (for example, 0.7x - 4.5x) and ultimately allows the ability to view every single magnification (7x, 8x, 9x, etc.) when zooming in on the microscopy sample.

Stereo zoom microscopes allow quick zoom from low to high magnification. Using a stereo zoom microscope makes it simple to view a sample in the entire field of view, then focus and zoom in on a particular part of interest.

How is Stereo Microscope Magnification Calculated?

Stereo microscope magnification is calculated by multiplying several variables including:

  • Eyepiece magnification
  • Built-in objective lens (or zoom) magnification
  • Auxiliary lens magnification

For example, if you are looking through a stereo microscope that has 10x eyepieces, a zoom knob that is set to 2.5x and the stereo microscope has a 1.5x auxiliary lens on it, the total magnification of that stereo microscope at the current setting is 10 x 2.5 x 1.5 = 37.5x magnification. If you were to remove the stereo auxiliary 1.5x lens, then the magnification would be 10 x 2.5 = 25x.

Types of Stereo Microscopes

You will run into several types of stereo microscopes. The most common stereo microscopes provide a zoom magnification. These microscopes allow you to view a large magnification range, for example 7x-45x allows you to view 7x, 8x, 9x.....all the way to 45x. You can view each magnification between the low and high point. A dual power stereo microscope has two set magnifications. The built-in objective lens provides two magnifications that are multiplied by the eyepieces. For example, if the dual power stereo microscope has a 1x and 3x objective lens built into it, when using 10x eyepieces the total magnification is 10x and 30x. With dual power stereo microscopes the only way to change the magnification is by purchasing a different pair of stereo microscope eyepieces, such as 5x or 20x. A single power stereo microscope has only one magnification. This type of stereo microscope has a built-in objective lens such as 2x or 3x and only the eyepieces can be changed out to change the magnification.


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