Stereo Microscope Buying Guide

Stereo Zoom Microscope S6.7Stereo microscopes, also known as dissecting microscopes, were designed to provide a three-dimensional view for examining solid samples with complex surfaces at low magnification using incidental or reflective lighting (as opposed to the strictly transmitted lighting that is provided in a biological microscope). Stereo zoom microscopes, like the S6.7 stereo microscope shown at left, sometimes have both reflected and transmitted light. Stereo microscopes are particularly useful for performing close-up work required by watch-makers, printed circuit board manufacturers, quality control production lines even dissection and inspection.

Stereo Zoom Boom Digital Microscope

Stereo microscopes are best used for examining thick or opaque specimens through which light ordinarily will not pass. The stereo microscope was designed to provide slightly different viewing angles to each eye in order to render a multi-dimensional view that is necessary for analyzing miniscule details. The stereo zoom microscope shown at right is the S6D-BMSQ stereo zoom microscope on a boom stand with a USB microscope camera attached. The boom stand provides room for viewing larger objects that won't fit under a standard track stand stereo microscope. The USB microscope camera will show a live image on the computer and includes software that allows image capture, making measurements and capturing live video.

Stereo microscopes available include:

Single Magnification Stereo Microscopes Dual Magnification Stereo Microscopes Zoom Magnification Stereo Microscopes