Meiji Stereo Microscopes

There are several ways to choose a Meiji Stereo Microscope.


  • You can choose one of the complete setups listed below.
  • You can build your own custom microscope with the exact magnification and working distance setup that fits your needs. The list below will help ensure that you select all required items for a complete stereo microscope.


Complete Meiji Stereo Microscope Systems

Meiji EMZ-8TR stereo microscope image   View complete Meiji stereo
microscope systems here.
Build your own Meiji Stereo Microscope Setup
Meiji stereo microscope body

1. Meiji Stereo Microscope Body

Meiji Eyepieces
  2. Meiji Stereo Microscope Eyepieces
Meiji microscope stand
  3. Meiji Stereo Microscope Stands
Meiji Focusing Holder

4. Meiji Focusing Holder

NOTE: you will not need this item if the stand chosen has a built-in focusing holder.

Meiji auxiliary lenses

5. Meiji Auxiliary Lens

These lenses are used to increase or decrease magnification and working distance.

Meiji photo adapters
  6. Photo and Video Attachments
Dual arm pipe illuminator

7. Additional Accessories

Accessories including: illuminators, polarizing accessories, mechanical stages, micrometers and replacement bulbs.