MW5-L6 and 420T Trinocular Microscope

Shown below are several versions of the 420 trinocular microscope on different stands. The trinocular version of model 420 has a beam splitter which, when engaged, directs the light from the left eyetube up the trinocular port for better camera light capability. Included with the 420 trinocular version are the following:

  • C-Mount adapter for attaching a video camera or microscope digital camera.
  • SLR camera adapter (you would need a T-Mount adapter to mount your camera.
National Optical 420T post stand microscope

Model 420PHF Trinocular Microscope
on a post stand.
Model 420-BMSQ Trinocular Microscope
on a boom stand. Shown with camera and dual pipe light.
Trinocular stereo zoom microscope on articulating arm

Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope 420-1107

Model 420AARM Trinocular Microscope
on an articulated arm clamping stand.

Model 420-1107 Trinocular Microscope
on a large base stand.

Trinocular stereo microscope 420AH

Model 420AH Trinocular Microscope on a fixed arm stand.