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National Optical 420-AARM Stereo Zoom Microscope

Price: $1,070.00
National Optical stereo zoom microscope on an articulated arm stand offers upright, unreversed 3-dimensional images that remain in focus throughout the zoom range. Optional auxiliary objectives expand magnification range and working distances.

  • Objective Lenses: 1x - 4x objective - provides continuous zoom magnification. Viewing head rotates 360°.
  • Eyepieces: Includes paired widefield 10x eyepieces. 5x, 15x or 20x eyepieces can be ordered below. Eyetubes are 45° inclined, with dual diopter adjustments, interpupillary adjustment from 55mm to 75mm. Accepts 23mm eyepiece reticle (#965-400-05 or #965-400-10). Trinocular version has a beam splitter which allows the light from the left eyetube to travel to the trinocular port for better camera light. Trinocular version includes a C-Mount Adapter as well as an SLR adapter.
  • Total Magnification: Zoom range of the following: Zoom range of the following: Please view the Magnification Chart for complete details on working distance and field size at different magnifications.10x eyepieces are included, optional additional eyepieces can be purchased below.
    • 5x eyepieces - 5x - 20x
    • 10x eyepieces - 10x - 40x
    • 15x eyepieces - 15x - 60x
    • 20x eyepieces - 20x - 80x
  • Stand: Articulated arm stand has a heavy duty clamp that locks to the edge of a table. It can connect to edges up to about 55mm (2") thick. The arm itself has four basic sections (from the clamp end outward):
    • 1. A horizontal extension of 12" which will rotate about on its pin in the clamp (but can be locked down).
    • 2. The diagonal 16" extension that pivots up or down at the junction.
    • 3. The upper horizontal 9" extension that also rotates around its connection.
    • 4. T he vertical pin (called an arbor) 8" long with a 25mm diameter.
  • Focusing: Focusing block is included with this system.
  • Illumination: Your choice of no illumination, LED ring light with ring light adapter or 150w halogen dual pipe light.
  • Size & Weight: see "stand" above for height info, 28 lbs.
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty.