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Digital High Resolution Electronics Inspection Articulated Arm Microscope 6.7x-45x

Digital Electronic Inspection Zoom Articulated Arm Stereo Microscope
Price: $3,835.00
The Fein Optic digital electronics inspection stereo zoom microscope provides zoom magnification of 6.7x - 45x and is on an articulated arm stand with polarizing LED ring light to reduce glare on electronic parts. Magnification range can be adjusted by using different eyepieces or auxiliary lenses. Includes a 5 mega pixel camera with software for capturing and saving images and includes measurement features.
    • Head: 45º inclined trinocular body. Viewing head rotates 360°. Interpupillary distance adjustment from 54mm - 76mm. When beam splitter is engaged light is split between left eyetube and trinocular port, while right eyetube goes dark. Trinocular and digital options includes 0.5x c-mount adapter.
    • Eyepieces: Includes widefield 10x / 22mm high eyepoint eyepieces. Interpupillary adjustment from 54mm to 76mm. Dual diopters +/-5 on each eyetube. Eyepieces accept 24mm diameter reticle. 15x/16mm and 20x/12mm eyepieces are available and can be ordered below.
    • Objective Lenses:  Zoom range of 0.67x - 4.5x. 
    • Zoom Ratio: 6.7:1
    • Total Magnification:  6.7x -45x. For alternate magnifications eyepieces can be changed and auxiliary lens added to stereo microscope. View magnification chart below for options.
    • Stand: Short articulated arm stand clamps to table. Clamp opening size is 0-53mm. Distance of total articulated arm is 54". Height of articulated arm is adjustable.
    • Working Distance: 100mm.
    • Focusing: Coarse focusing. Focus knob is tightness adjustable.
    • Illumination: LED polarizing ring light to reduce glare. 120 LED lights provide cool, bright illumination. Light intensity rheostat control 0-100%. Rotatable analyzer 360º, polarizer drops into slot and is removable. 100~240V, UL and CE certified.
    • Digital Option: Includes 0.5x C-mount adapter and USB-5 mega pixel camera with software. Software can be used to capture and save images (PC or MAC) or make measurements (PC only).
    • Size & Weight: Length of articulated arm is 54", 16 lbs.
    • Warranty: 5 Year warranty on microscope, 1 year on camera.
    • Instruction Manual
    Auxiliary Lens
    Working Distance
    10x Eyepieces
    15x Eyepieces
     20x Eyepieces
     Magnification  Field Size
     Magnification Field Size
     Magnification Field Size
     1x (None)
    6.7x - 45x
    32.8mm - 4.9mm
    10.1x - 67.5x
    23.9mm - 3.6mm
    13.4x - 90x
    17.9mm - 2.7mm
     3.4x - 22.5x
    65.7mm - 9.8mm
    5x - 33.8x
     47.8mm - 7.1mm
    6.7x - 45x
    35.8mm - 5.3mm
     4.69x - 31.5x
    46.9mm - 7mm
    7x - 47.25x
     34.1mm - 5.1mm
    9.38x - 63x
    25.6mm - 3.8mm
     1.5x 47mm  10.1x - 67.5x
    21.9mm - 3.3mm
    15.1x - 101.3x
    15.9mm - 2.4mm
    20.1x - 135x
    11.9mm - 1.8mm
     2.0x 26mm  13.4x - 90x
    16.4mm - 2.4mm
    20.1x - 135x
    11.9mm - 1.8mm
    26.8x - 180x
     9mm - 1.3mm

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