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S6 Brightfield/Darkfield Digital LED Stereo Zoom Microscope 10x-67x

Price: $2,692.00

Brightfield / Darkfield Digital LED Stereo Zoom Microscope 10x-67x

The Richter Optica S6 Brightfield/Darkfield Mirror Digital LED track stand is an ideal microscope for viewing worms in educational settings and Universities. The WiFi camera allows images to be viewed on students' individual devices. The darkfield capability illuminates the specimens and allows them to really stand out against a similar color background. View C. Elegans captured with this microscope here.

    • Head: Trinocular body. Viewing head rotates 360°, locks in place by tightening set screw.
    • Eyepieces: Includes widefield 15x / 15mm high eyepoint eyepieces with focusing eyetubes. Interpupillary adjustment from 50mm to 75mm. Eyepieces accept 24mm diameter reticle. 10x and 20x eyepieces are available and can be ordered below.
    • Objective Lenses:  Zoom range of 0.7x - 4.5x. 
    • Zoom Ratio: 6.4:1
    • Total Magnification: 10.5x - 67.5x. For alternate magnifications eyepieces can be changed and auxiliary lens added to stereo microscope. View magnification chart here for different magnification options. Option to lock zoom magnification at a specific stopping point.
    • Specimen Stage: Supplied with 95mm diameter glass stage plate.
    • Stand: 325mm track stand with mirror base for brightfield/darkfield. The built in mirror has two sides, one plane and the other concave. Mirror is tilting adjustable. High intensity LED light is pumped in through base to provide a bright sample.
    • Working Distance: 100mm
    • Focusing: Rack & pinion focusing, and special tension adjustment located on focusing knobs to adjust tension.
    • Illumination: High Intensity transmitted 35W LED illumination with intensity rheostat control and on/off switch. 110~240V switchable power supply.
    • Size & Weight: Base is 320mm x 305mm x 16mm 
    • WiFi Camera: 4 megapixel wireless WiFi camera captures images up to 2592 x 1520. Stream images up to four devices at one time. Camera must be plugged in for operation. Connects via its own WiFi network, you do not need to be on a network to use this camera. NOTE: Line of site is required while using the camera. Maximum distance for proper operation of camera is 20-30 feet.
    • Warranty: 5 Year warranty on microscope, 1 Year warranty on camera.


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