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Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope

Zeiss Stemi 508 stereo zoom microscopes.

Zeiss Stemi 508 Stereo Microscope

The Zeiss Stemi 508 stereo microscope is Apochromatic with 8:1 zoom ratio providing excellent image contrast and color accuracy. This stereo microscope is a compact and reliable Greenough stereo microscope. The apochromatic optics  provide superior images, while the microscope mechanics are designed for heavy workloads. The Stemi 508 stereo microscope offers better ergonomics than any other Greenough-type stereo microscope. The low viewing angle of 35º allows for a relaxed posture even after many hours of work.

Limited availability. Please contact Microscope World for a quote or further information.

  • Features: 
    • Large 8:1 Zoom range.
    • Apochromatic corrected zoom system and interchangeable front optics.
    • Integrated LED illumination for reflected, transmitted and mixed light.
    • Combine boom or tilting stands with low magnification front optics to observe large samples.
    • Integrate cameras and documentation easily.
    • Choose from a variety of stands from compact stands with different lighting options to boom stands for larger samples.
    • Magnification range = 6.3x - 50x (can be altered to 1.9x - 250x).
    • Working distance = 92mm (adjustable from 35mm - 287mm with use of front optics).
    • Click stops can be used for measuring.
    • Applications: The Zeiss Stemi 508 stereo microscope is ideal for a wide range of applications including developmental biology, botany, entomology, marine biology, parasitology, geology, paleontology, PCB inspection, failure search and analysis, diamond industry, medical devices, sensor manufacturing, clock and watch repair, printing and engraving, coin or medal manufacturing, forensics and art restoration.
      • Eyepieces: PL 10x/23, PL 16x/16 and PL 25x/10 focusing eyepieces are available.
      • Front Optics:
        • 0.3x, FWD = 287mm
        • 0.4x, FWD = 211mm
        • 0.3x - 0.5x, FWD = 233-90mm
        • 0.63x, FWD = 127mm
        • 1x (without front optic), FWD = 92mm
        • 1.5x, FWD = 53mm
        • 2.0x, FWD = 35mm

        View images captured with the Zeiss Stemi 508 stereo microscope here.

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