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ZEISS Axio Observer Life Science Inverted Microscope

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ZEISS Axio Observer Inverted Biological Microscope

The ZEISS Axio Observer inverted microscope for life sciences is your flexible inverted microscope platform. In life sciences research you need reproducible data from a whole range of samples in a variety of conditions. The ZEISS Axio Observer is a stable research stand for demanding multimodal imaging of living and fixed specimens. This inverted microscope creates the optimal environment for a wide range of samples to deliver reliable, reproducible data. Combine this inverted fluorescence microscope with a wide array of technologies that will support your experiments.

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  • Flexibility:
    • The Axio Observer research stand offers a number of interfaces for technologies ranging from widefield transmitted light to convenient 3D sectioning with Apotome.2 and sensitive superresolution imaging with LSM 880 and Airyscan.
    • Choose micromanipulation and cell injection or laser microdissection.
    • Wide range of cameras available that work with required speed and sensitivity to your applications.
    • Customizable features allow you to choose the optimal incubation equipment and enjoy easy access to the sample for precise micromanipulation.
    • Use fast, switchable LEDs or powerful and economic white-light sources in combination with fast filters.
  • Automation and Efficiency: Easily perform imaging when the inverted fluorescence microscope finds the focus of the sample for you and keeps it in focus. Adapt objectives to the sample automatically.
  • Objective Lenses: In order to image subcellular structures you need objectives with high NA. But the resulting wide opening angle makes them especially susceptible to spherical aberrations caused by different refractive indices and interfaces in both the optical system and the sample. Autocorr objectives allow you to adjust the optics of the microscope to your sample. They provide crisp contrast deep inside the specimen and much more efficient fluorescence detection.
    • C-APOCHROMAT Autocorr objectives
    • C-APOCHROMAT objectives
    • LD LCI Plan-APOCHROMAT Autocorr objectives
    • Plan-APOCHROMAT objectives
    • EC Plan-NEOFLUAR objectives
    • LD A-Plan objectives
    • Temperature isolated i LCI Plan-NEOFLUAR objectives
  • Microscope Stand Options:
    • Axio Observer 3 = Fully manual stand.
    • Axio Observer 5 = Manual stand with encoded nosepiece and encoded or motorized reflector turret.
    • Axio Oberver 7 = Motorized stand with motorized Z-Drive.

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