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IMA/USP 788 Pharmaceutical Microscope

IMA/USP 788 microscope
Price: $7,995.00
The IMA/USP 788 binocular microscope provides 100x magnification, has been calibrated and the magnification factor of the microscope determined prior to installation of the custom IMA/USP 788 reticle. Both episcopic brightfield internal illumination and external auxiliary illuminator are provided. This microscope meets IMA/USP 788 standards for the Microscopic Particle Count Test.


  • Objective Lens: Objectives are mounted in reversed quintuple nosepiece. DIN Infinity Corrected Optical System (ICOS) Plan Achromat Metallurgical LWD 10x objective, WD = 12.2mm, NA 0.30.
  • Viewing Head: 30° inclined gemel binocular viewing head with interpupillary adjustment of 54mm - 75mm. Diopters +/-5 on each eyetube. Ergonomic head is available, please call for details.
  • Eyepieces: High eyepoint widefield plan 10x eyepieces F.N. 22 are standard. Right eyepiece includes a custom IMA/USP 788 counting chamber reticle that has been made to work with the specific microscope magnification factor and calibrated using a NIST certified stage micrometer.
  • Reticle: Includes IMA/USP 788 counting chamber reticle that has been manufactured using the specific microscope's magnification factor.
  • Stage Micrometer: NIST certified 1mm / 100 division stage micrometer included with certification document.
  • Total Magnification: 100x.
  • Specimen Stage: Double layer mechanical 175mm x 145mm stage with coaxial adjustment movement range of 76mm (X) x 42mm (Y). Includes metal plate.
  • Illumination: Reflected Koehler illumination 5w LED, with oblique light device, centerable and adjustable field and aperture diaphragm, warm color. Voltage 100~240V. Includes 360° rotatable analyzer, and polarizer for reflected light. Reflected illuminator arm includes filter slots for colored sliders (sold separately). Includes dual pipe LED illumination system, intensity adjustable, for external 10-20º angle light. Each pipe light is self-supporting.
  • Focusing: Reflected frame has coaxial focus system with tension adjustment and rack stop. Coarse range 28mm, fine precision of 0.002mm. Maximum sample height is 78mm.
  • Size: 9.8" (250mm) W x 19.7" (500mm) D x 18.6" (472mm) H
  • Warranty: 5 Years.
  • View the M40 Microscope Manual.

NOTE: This microscope takes about 2 weeks for delivery after an order is placed due to custom calibrations and NIST certification processes.

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