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Richter Optica S6D Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope 7x-45x

Digital Zoom Stereo Microscope S6D-ILST
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The Richter Optica S6D-ILST digital stereo microscope has zoom magnification of 7x - 45x and includes a 3.2mp digital camera with software for capturing and measuring images.

    • Head: Trinocular body. Viewing head rotates 360°, locks in place by tightening set screw. Includes 0.5x c-mount adapter.
    • Eyepieces: Includes widefield 10x / 20mm high eyepoint eyepieces. Dual diopters on each eyetube. Interpupillary adjustment from 50mm to 75mm. Eyepieces accept 25mm diameter reticle. 15x and 20x eyepieces are available and can be ordered below.
    • Objective Lenses:  Zoom range of 0.7x - 4.5x. 
    • Zoom Ratio: 6.4:1
    • Total Magnification: 7x - 45x. For alternate magnifications eyepieces can be changed and auxiliary lens added to stereo microscope. View magnification chart here for details.
    • Specimen Stage: Supplied with 100mm glass stage plate. Two locked-on stage clips.
    • Stand: Track stand with transmitted and reflected LED illumination. Top light has 15 LED lights. Vertical travel of 110mm.
    • Working Distance: 100mm
    • Maximum Specimen Height: 1.69" (43mm)
    • Focusing: Rack & pinion focusing and special tension adjustment.
    • Illumination: Transmitted and reflected LED illumination with intensity control and on/off switch for each light.Top light has 15 LED lights.
    • Camera:  Includes 0.5x c-mount adapter and 3.2 mega pixel CMOS camera with basic measure and capture software. Captures images up to 2048x1536. Captures motion video at 43 frames per second (fps) @ 680x510, 22fps @ 1024x768, 8fps @ 2048x1536. (Option to upgrade to 5.1mp camera when ordering).
    • Size & Weight: Base is 11.75" W x 12" D, 12.5" H.
    • Warranty: 5 Year warranty on microscope. 1 year warranty on camera.
    • View Instruction Manual here.
    • Camera Computer Requirements:
      • Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32&64bit), Mac OSX 10.6 and higher, Linux (Kernel 2 or above)
      • CPU: Intel Core2, 3.8GHz or Higher
      • USB Port 2.0 or higher
      • RAM: 2 GB or more