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Richter Optica S2-SPS-LCD Digital LCD 10x/30x Stereo Microscope

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The Richter Optica S2-SPS-LCD digital LCD stereo microscope has dual magnification of 10x and 30x. Change magnification simply by turning the objective turret. The HD camera and 12" LCD monitor provide a live image.
  • Head: Trinocular body with 0.5x C-Mount adapter on trinocular port. Beam splitter sends light from the left eyetube to the camera.
  • Eyepieces: Includes widefield 10x / 20mm high eyepoint eyepieces. Interpupillary adjustment from 55mm to 75mm. Diopter on left eyetube. Eyepieces accept 24mm diameter reticle. 15x and 20x eyepieces are available and can be ordered below.
  • Objective Lenses: Paired 1x and 3x objectives are parfocalled, parcentered, and achromatic. Magnification is changed by rotating objective turret 90° to positive click stops. Viewing head rotates 360°, locks in place by tightening set screw.
  • Total Magnification: 10x and 30x.
  • Specimen Stage: Supplied with 100mm black and white stage plate. Two locked-on stage clips.
  • Stand: Rugged cast metal frame with gray enamel finish - head moves up and down on stand. Post is 11.25" high.
  • Working Distance: 100mm
  • Focusing: Rack & pinion focusing has slip clutch to protect mechanism against over-turning, and special tension adjustment.
  • Illumination: 48-LED Ring Light with intensity control and on/off switch. 110~240V.
  • Camera: Camera / Monitor: HD 1080p camera, live resolution 1920x1080 pixels. 2mp image capture to SD card. Live image 1080p / 60 fps. HDMI connection to 12" HD monitor. Image capture to SD Card. Camera controls for exposure, gain, white balance, color adjustment, sharpness. Includes mouse for on-screen controls. HDMI direct connection to monitor.
  • LCD HD Monitor: 12" LCD  HDMI monitor, 1080p. LED backlight. Monitor mounts directly to HD camera and includes 110~240V power cord and HDMI cable.
    • Size & Weight: Base is 8.25" W x 11" D, 15" H, 10 lbs.
    • Warranty: 5 Year warranty on microscope, 1 Year warranty on camera and monitor.
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