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FPEMZ5b Filter Patch Inspection Stereo Microscope LED Ring Light

Filter Patch Microscope
Price: $2,240.00
The FPEMZ5b stereo zoom binocular microscope has been created for oil filter patch inspection. The track stand has rack and pinion focusing for ease of focus adjustment. The top LED ring light illuminates filter patches from above. The higher magnification package has been created with working distance in mind - so that you can still fit filter patches under the microscope with out losing much working distance and without losing quality magnification. This higher magnification package utilizes a track stand with coarse and fine focusing.

  • Stereo Microscope Body : 0.7x - 4.5x zoom with detent. Zoom ratio of 6.5:1. Head rotates 360°.
  • Eyepieces: Includes widefield 10x eyepieces in binocular 45° angled eyetubes with dual diopter controls. Eyepieces accept 25mm diameter reticles. Depending which magnification package selected below, widefield 15x eyepieces may be included, along with a 1.5x auxiliary lens.
  • Total Magnification Range package options: 
Package Magnification Particle Size Included Working Distance
 A  7x - 45x
 3 mil + or
75um +
10x Eyepieces
 B  15.75x - 101.25x
 1-3 mil or
1.5x Aux Lens
15x Eyepieces

  • Stand: Track stand allows for smooth focusing adjustments.
  • Focusing: Rack and pinion coarse focusing controls included in package A. Package B includes coarse and fine focusing controls.
  • Measuring: Includes eyepiece reticle (10mm / 100 divisions) and stage micrometer 1mm / 100 divisions.
  • Illumination: Stand does not have built-in illumination. LED Ring light with 60 LED lights (UL/CSA Certified) is included with variable intensity, along with ring light adapter.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on microscope body. Ring light has 1 year warranty.

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