DS2 and DM52 Digital Microscope Software Features

The software Motic Play and Motic Educator are both included with the DS2 and DM-52 digital kids microscopes. The software is compatible with both PC and MAC, including OSX.


Motic Play is an imaging software designed for children using either the DM-52 or the DS2 digital microscope. The software uses pictures and sounds to help children capture and edit still images and videos. The software makes science fun for children and will allow them to capture and measure microscopic images and videos. They can add text and icons or apply effects such as "mosaic" or "emboss" to the images. Children can rotate the pictures, paint them, turn them to gray-scale and much more! The images they create can be shared by e-mail or exported for printing. The software allows children to imagine and create a variety of fun science-related images with step-by-step picture help sections that cover all of the functions. Children also have the option to save their microscopic images to their own photo album so they can share them with friends or look at them again in the future.

Motic Play Software Capabilities

Motic Play Capture  

Capture Digital Images and Video

  • Instantly capture still images at 640 x 480 effective pixels.
  • Instantly capture live video.
  • Show full screen real-time live images on your computer.
  • Automatic white balance.
Motic Play Calibration  

Precise Calibration

  • Calibrate the microscope with the software to make accurate measurements.
  • Calibration slide included - allows easy calibration of the microscope.
  • Software captures the image and walks you through the calibration process.
Motic Play Measurements  

Taking Measurements

  • Once the microscope is calibrated with the software, taking precise measurements is simple!
  • Measurements can be made using a line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, rhombus or triangle.
  • The objective lens magnification shown on the bottom of the screen ensures you are making a proper measurement.
  • The actual exact measurement shows up at the bottom of the screen in the black box.
Motic Play Video  

Play Video Files

  • Motic Play allows the user to capture and play live video.
  • When the microscope is connected to the computer via the USB port, Motic Play can capture moving video directly from the microscope.
  • The kid-friendly icons make creating their own science video fun!
Motic Play editing  

Editing Images

  • Motic Play allows children to edit their images once they capture them from the microscope.
  • Images can be changed to grayscale, made into a "mosaic" or "embossed" or even painted.
  • Images can be rotated and altered in many ways.
  • Once images are edited they can then be saved and emailed to friends or printed out to take to school.
Motic Play software album  

Image Album

  • Storing all the fun images is simple with the Image Album.
  • Motic Play software allows you to import and export images within the album.
  • Kid-friendly icons make navigating the album fun!

Motic Educator Software Capabilities

Motic Educator Calibration  

Precise Calibration

  • Motic Educator allows the teacher to help children calibrate the microscope with the software in order to make accurate measurements.
  • On the left hand side of the screen the objective power is adjusted for proper calibration.
  • The capture and calibrate buttons are easy to understand for both educators and children.
Motic Educator Capture Feature  

Capture Digital Images & Video

  • Motic Educator allows both capture of images and video.
  • The Motic Educator screen allows selection of video format, edit, full screen, measure, calibration or delete.
  • Images are easy to capture using the capture icon.