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flea under microscope

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We have vast amount of resources available for our microscope customers. Much of it consists of information pages, worksheets and lab pages that are directly related to the material presented on the DVD, " Adventures with a Microscope ". Since this is the same material that we sell to educational institutions, we password protect the files and only make it available to customers of our microscope starter kit, and only for home use. Note: Files linked below are in PDF file format and will require that you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have this program you can download it free here.


Before beginning this activity, you may want to open and print the following pages:



To give you an idea how extensive this material is, we have pulled four pages from the password area for your evaluation. The pages presented here cannot be reproduced without our express written permission.


The DVD is 65 minutes long. Part 3 of the program shows you what to look for when examining prepared specimens. (The specimens are also included free with the purchase of every compound microscope). One of the specimens is a whole mount of a male and female flea. This is how you might integrate the DVD, prepared specimen and worksheets for maximum benefit.


1. The investigator first watches chapter 9 of the DVD, "The Flea" (about 3 minutes).
2. With the prepared specimen of the flea, your microscope and your lab page, look at the fleas and complete the questions on the flea lab page. You can also use the flea anatomy page for reference.
3. Then open up the Flea information page and print it. (This along with other pages will be saved in the investigators lab notebook).
4. Read the flea information page and answer the questions on the Flea Worksheet.


This is just one very small part of this vast program. There are pages covering material on using a microscope, preparing slides, looking at all the prepared specimens (in your Super Slide Kit), and a massive amount of information that supports part 4 on the DVD, Investigating Pond Water .


We know you will find this material extremely valuable. If you are a teacher or represent a school and would like this program with public performance rights and a printed version of the handbook (with limited copyrights) please contact us.