ProgRes® CapturePro Software: Measurement Tools

The ProgRes® CapturePro software that is included with all ProgRes® cameras offers the ability to carry out measurements on both a live image or a captured image. These measurements can be saved together with the image when captured as an overlay.

Measurement options include the following: line, circle, ellipse, angle, rectangle, polygon and free form.

Using the "Show/Hide Results" command, the user can have all data points appear in a box on top of the image if desired. The measurements on the image below were created with the rectangle, angle, freeform and ellipse tools.

As shown at left, the measure tab in the software will allow you to calibrate your microscope with the camera. Once calibrated, measurements can be made in um, mm, cm, inches or mils.

In order to perform precise calibrations, a stage micrometer will need to be used. You will want to capture an image of the stage micrometer with the camera, then add a calibration in the software for the specific objective lens that was in place when the stage micrometer image was captured. Once the calibration has been performed, the image should be checked to make sure it was calibrated properly.

When you click on the scale bar symbol (shown at right) in the menu you can display or hide the scale bar on the live image. The length of the scale bar is displayed in a rounded-off value of the actual unit used. The position of the bar can be moved within the image.

Once the scale bar is selected you can adjust the general style of the ruler as well as the ruler parameters. The table below shows where adjustments to lenth and subdivisions can be made. Additionally, you can show or hide the frame or length of the bar.