Prepared Slides in the Microscope Starter Kit

The following images are the 10 prepared slides that are included in Microscope World's Microscope Starter Kit. Part three on the DVD "Adventures with a Microscope" discusses in detail each of the slides and different things to look for when you are viewing your prepared slides!


onion root Onion Root Tip
Stained, showing the five stages of mitosis. We also have a (public) resource page on mitosis at our Microscope World site.
pine needle cross section Cross section of a pine needle (we identify the food cells, water cells, resin ducts, epidermis, stomata etc. in the DVD "Adventures with a Microscope".)
bacteria Bacteria, 3 types, they are the sphere, rod and spiral. See them all on one slide with a special high contrast stain. flea Flea, whole mount. In our password protected educational section we identify many parts on the flea and show you how to determine the sex, both a male and female on one slide! See a sample support page at our Microscope World site!
monocot Both Monocot and Dicot plant stem cross sections - learn about the differences between these two major types of plants in the DVD "Adventures with a Microscope" insect leg Insect legs, four types, all on one slide: running, grasping, swimming and jumping,
(shown is swimming).
tilia Woody stem cross section - learn about all the different cells and see how to determine the age of your stem sample. We have three different ages on one slide! earthworm Cross section of an earthworm - it's amazing all the things inside an earthworm!
leaf Three types of plant leaves (cross sections) from wet, temperate and dry climates. Learn how they are different and see how they have adapted to their environment by watching the DVD "Adventures with a Microscope". blood Human blood cells.
Everyone likes to look at blood. In the DVD "Adventures with a Microscope" learn more about red cells, white cells and platlettes.

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