Advanced Microscope Prepared Slide Kit

This large microscope prepared slide kit contains 25 prepared slides including plants, mammal organs, and histology prepared slides. All of the prepared microscope slides shown below are included in the Advanced Prepared Microscope Slide Kit.

Artery and Vein Under the Microscope    Mammal Colon under the Microscope 
 Artery and Vein c.s.
   Mammal Colon
 Fern Prothallium Under Microscope    Hydra Under Microscope
 Fern Prothallium w.m.
   Hydra c.s.
Hydra with Bud under Microscope     Kidney under the Microscope
Hydra with Bud
   Kidney c.s.
Kidney Under the Microscope     Liver Under the Microscope
Kidney l.s.
 Loose Connective Tissue under the Microscope    Mammal Lung Under the Microscope
Loose Connective Tissue
   Mammal Lung
Animal Cell Mitosis Under the Microscope     Motor Nerve Ending Under the Microscope
Animal Cell Mitosis
   Motor Nerve Ending
Mouth Smear Under the Microscope     Onion Root Tips under the Microscope
Mouth Smear
   Onion Root Tips
 Mammal Pancrease under the Microscope    Human Sperm under the microscope
Mammal Pancreas
   Human Sperm
Spinal Cord Under the Microscope     Spirogyra under the microscope.
 Spinal Cord c.s.
Mammal Spleen under the Microscope     Mammal stomach under the microscope
 Mammal Spleen
   Mammal Stomach
 Taste Bud Under the Microscope    Mammal Trachea under the Microscope
Taste Bud
   Mammal Trachea
Mammal Uterus under the Microscope     Zea Mays Seed (Corn) under the Microscope
Mammal Uterus
   Zea Mays Seed (Corn)
 Zea Mays Stem (corn) under the Microscope    
Zea Mays Stem (Corn)