PAX-it Basic Measurement Software

The PAX-it basic measurement software was created for use with the PAX-it cameras. The basic measurement software includes all features of the PAX-it imaging software and allows for measurement, annotations and analysis of images with just a few clicks. Written reports can be created with the raw data obtained, a summary table of statistics, image database information plus the images involved.

PAX-it basic measurement software.


Basic Measurement Software Options Include:
  • Point-to-point linear measurement
  • Angle measurement
  • Radius and diameter on ellipse
  • Area and perimeter for ellipse or rectangle
  • Length of segmented lines
  • Area and perimeter of irregular shapes
  • Manual counter for tagging and summing
  • Arc, elipse, circle measurements including definition of center point, chord lengths, sweep angles and radii
  • Parallel line calipers for defining multiple layers or zones

PAX-it basic measurement microscopy software.


All of PAX-it's measurements are stored as overlays or annotations Below are some of the additional features.
  • Measure using microns, millimeters, centimeters, inches, pixels, feet, meters and mils.
  • Scale bars can be placed on top of images.
  • Measurements can be named in order to quickly make a measurement with a pre-defined name.
  • Measurement attributes can be stored and reused.
  • The tolerance indicator can be used to automatically tell you if a measurement falls out of specifications.
  • The built-in calibration interface is simple to use.