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ZEISS Technical Cleanliness Microscopes for Components, Oil, Medical Devices

ZEISS Technical Cleanliness Microscopes

These high quality ZEISS Technical Cleanliness microscopes were designed for identification of contamination based on quantity, size, shape, and composition of particles. Identifying particle contamination can assure function, quality, and lifetime of products.

There are several main applications where Technical Cleanliness Microscopes are used.

Technical Cleanliness Microscopes for Components

Technical cleanliness microscopes are used to identify metallic shiny particles, non-metallic shiny particles, and fibers. Metallic shiny particles can include machining chips, metal scraps, and flakes. Non-metallic shiny particles include laquer, plastic, and abrasive residues.

Technical Cleanliness Microscopes for Oil

Technical cleanliness microscopes are used to determine if used oil is clean. The microscopes help determine what types of contaminants are in the oil and where they are originating from. The technical cleanliness  microscope can also help determine if the machine is degrading abnormally.

Technical Cleanliness Microscopes for Medical Devices

Technical cleanliness microscopes are  used to produce items that require extra clean production facilities such as syringes, implants and other sensitive medical devices. Additionally, technical cleanliness microscopes are used to test environmental conditions such as air or working benches.

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