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ZEISS Visioner 1 Digital Microscope 223x

Price: $46,138.00

ZEISS Visioner 1 Higher Magnification Digital Microscope

The ZEISS Visioner 1 digital microscope features MALSTM (Micro-mirror Array Lens System) technology and is designed for shop floor quality control and quality assurance applications. The ZEISS Visioner 1 enables the user to see an entire sample in real time, without needing to use the Z-stack feature for processing images after they are acquired. By using MALSTM, the user can bring a sample of up to 69 mm in height into focus. This ZEISS Visioner 1 package includes an additional 2.5x front lens for higher sample magnification and an additional LED ring light illuminator for optimal light for sample viewing with the 2.5x lens.

  • Optical unit: Contains the MALSTM (Micro-mirror Array Lens System) camera, which allows large samples to be brought into focus and easily imaged.
  • Camera: Integrated 3 megapixel camera. Maximum image size: 2048 x 1536 pixels (live and snap mode), Minimum image size: 800 x 600 pixels (live and snap mode)
  • Magnification: Integrated optics with 1.3x magnification (89x magnification on a 24" monitor). By adding the 2.5x front lens, the magnification becomes 223x.
  • Stand: Stand base measures 300 mm W x 340 mm D x 35 mm H. The working surface measures 255 mm W x 215 mm D. Column on stand is 360 mm with drive, and its lifting range is 190 mm.
  • Illumination: System has integrated co-axial epi-illumination. Includes LED ring illuminator with 3 rings and 8 segments (optimized for 1.3x and 0.35x magnifcation). Illuminators are controlled by an external controller unit with 36V DC/ 80W, 100-240V AC power supply. An additional illuminator is provided to meet the needs of the 2.5x front lens.
  • Computer: Includes workstation prepared for the operation of the Visioner 1 with mouse and keyboard. Computer is HP Z2 tower G5 workstation with Intel Core i9-10900K with Windows 10 Enterprise installed.
  • Monitor: 24" computer monitor (HP Z24n G3) is included.
  • Software: Includes ZEN core software, which can acquire, process, and analyze microscope images. Learn more about the capabilities of ZEN core software here.
  • Size & Weight: 300 mm (11.8") W x 340 mm (13.4") D x 392 mm (15.4") H, 25 lbs. (Dimensions are for the microscope only.)
  • Includes: Dust cover and black/ white plastic stage plate 84mm x 5 mm. Spacer plate 30 mm in height is included to bring samples into an elevated position if needed.
  • Warranty: 1 year.

ZEISS Visioner 1 Magnfication on 24" Monitor
Front Optics
On-Screen Magnification
 0.75x  67x
 1.2x  107x
 2.5x  223x


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