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ZEISS Axioscope 7 Materials Motorized Digital Microscope

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ZEISS Axioscope 7 Materials Microscope for BF/DF/DIC

The ZEISS Axioscope 7 materials microscope is a metallurgical microscope with fully encoded and motorized components. This microscope is great for jobs that require reproducibility and automation. The advanced optics for materials analysis and metallography provide the highest quality images. Use this materials metallurgical microscope for brightfield, darkfield, and DIC with transmitted and reflected illumination.

  • Objective Lenses: Infinity corrected EC Epiplan brightfield / darkfield:
    • EC Epiplan BD 5x/0.13, WD = 11.8mm
    • EC Epiplan BD 10x/0.25, WD = 11mm
    • EC Epiplan BD 20x/0.40, WD = 3.2mm
    • EC Epiplan BD 50x/0.75, WD = 1mm
  • Viewing Head: Trinocular  head 20º/23 (100:0/0:100), upright image with sliding prism, camera port with interface 60N. 
  • Eyepieces: Widefield 10x / 23 focusing eyepieces, accepts 26mm diameter reticle. Diopter adjustment +/-5. Interpupillary distance adjustable from 48-75mm. Includes eyecups.
  • Total Magnification: 50x, 100x, 200x, 500x.
  • Specimen Stage: Motorized mechanical stage 80mm x 60mm travel range. Smallest movement is 0.5µm. Repeatability ≤±3µm. Accuracy (full range) ≤±10µm. Includes mounting frame and metal insert plate.
  • Focusing: Coarse and fine focusing. Z focus range is 24mm. Adjustable focus stop.
  • Condenser: Achromatic-aplanatic 0.9H with front lens that can be switched on the right and left. For objectives 1x-100x, WD = 1mm.
  • Illumination: Transmitted light illumination white LED 10w. 100~240V. ECO mode and light management control button. 6-position filter wheel for 36mm diameter filters. Brightfield/Darkfield reflected light illuminator 10w LED. Includes reflector modules for brightfield, darkfield, and DIC/POL. Certified RoHS, CE, CSA.
  • DIC: Includes DIC slider for EC EP 5x-20x and DIC slider for EC EP 50x.
  • Stand Features: Full Köhler encoded stand, encoded 6-position BF/DF/DIC nosepiece tilted backwards, cord storage, and carrying handle integrated into stand. Integrated solution to accommodate tools when stored, integrated power unit. Snap button on stand to take images with Axiocam 208 camera. Includes mount for 2-position filter slider. Stand has motion button on left side for motorized stage movement. Built-in luminous-field diaphragm slider, aperture stop slider, mount for filter slider and mount for polarizer slider.
  • Camera: Axiocam 208 color microscope camera has a 1/2" Sony Exmor color sensor with 8.3 megapixel (3840 x 2160) camera that delivers crisp, detail rich live images at full 4K resolution. Three operation modes including stand-alone, Ethernet, and USB3.0 output. Includes c-mount adapter.
  • Software: Includes ZEN core software and ZEN Toolkit Motorized Acquisition. (Computer is not included). The software allows for acquiring images and controlling motorized components in multi-dimensional experiments. Acquire tiles and z-stack images using motorized components. Positions can be used to automatically scan predefined sample areas, and acquire images according to position.
  • Size & Weight: 9.5" W x 19.1" H (without camera) x 17" D, 20 lb.
  • Warranty:  1 year.
  • Includes: Dust cover.


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