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Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 Materials Microscope

Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 materials microscope

Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 Materials Microscope

The Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 materials microscope is a modular microscope for routine research. This microscope can be configured exactly how you want it with five different upper bodies, three lower bodies and two Vario columns. Measure layer thickness and add components when your demands for material microscopy or metallography change. The Zeiss Axio Scope.A1 microscope is extremely versatile. Test and analyze large, three-dimensional specimens in a single piece using a non-contact method, enlarging the specimen space with spacers to reach a height of up to 100mm, or if the Vari column is used reach up to 380mm.

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  • Features: 
    • Scalable specimen space, adjustable from 0-110mm, increasing to 380mm with the Vario column.
    • 23 different stand combinations
    • Long-lasting LED providing homogenous illumination for transmitted light, plus stable illumination for reflected light.
    • Variety of illumination sources for fluorescence applications.
    • Adjustable intensity of illumination for transmitted light on both sides of microscope.
    • Ability to move material specimen manually with the object carrier.
    • Perform Non-Contact Tests on Specimens up to 380mm in Height:  Extend the specimen thanks to a 30mm and 60mm spacer. Continuously adjust it up to 110mm. If you have samples up to 380mm in height, use the stand columns Axio Scope Vario 380mm and Axio Scope Vario 560mm for reflected light and fluorescence applications. Extend the specimen space by up to 380mm for unusually high objects.
      • Thermomicroscopy: If you need to examine how temperature influences the behavior of metals, crystals, ceramics or plastics the use of AxioVision and Linkam heating stages can allow for heating and cooling experiments. Document the temperature pattern in a time lapse series or observe sample changes during the heating or cooling process.

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