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Motic Research Microscope BA410 Elite

Motic Research Microscope BA410
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The Motic BA410 Elite research microscope consists of the following:

  • Objective Lenses: Reversed facing sextuple objective turret revolving nosepiece holds Color Corrected Infinity System CCIS EC-H Plan Achromat objectives, or CCIS EC-H Plan Phase objectives.
  • Eyepieces: Siedentopf widefield 10x eyepieces, FN 22mm, 30° inclined binocular tubes with interpupillary distance adjustments from 55 mm to 75 mm. (WF15x and WF20x eyepieces are also available). Independent diopter adjustments are on each eyepiece. Includes rubber eyeshields. Trinocular version (see below) has a port that includes a 20/80 beam splitter.
  • Total Magnification:
    • CCIS EC-H Plan Ahcromat objectives - 40x, 100x, 400xr, 1000xr oil immersion. (Optional 20x objective available)
    • CCIS EC-H Plan Phase objectives - 100x, 200x, 400xr, 1000xr oil immersion. (Optional 4x and 50x oil objectives available)
  • Specimen Stage: Rectangular mechanical stage, 174mm x 145mm with a travel range of 76mm x 50mm. Low positioned coaxial control knobs make it easy to control stage movement. The stage is protected with a special hard coating to protect against abrasion and fungus growth.
  • Stand: Effective ergonomics and maximum expandability are built into this stand. The wide arm provides strength and rigidity. Additionally, the inverted "Y" support in the back of the microscope provides extra lateral stability.
  • Focusing: Fine and coarse coaxial focusing. The Combination of a triangular steel rail with an adjustable torque control knob provides for easy control of the coarse focusing tension and total vertical movement of 25mm at 2 µm.
  • Condenser: The substage condenser mount is height adjustable (rack and pinion) and has a dovetail mount with clamp screw. The newly developed swing-out Achromat condenser with numerical aperture of 0.90, provides homogeneous illumination for observation and photomicrography at all magnifications from 2x to 100x. When phase contrast option is selected a 5-position phase contrast condenser is supplied with your choice of Brightfield, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x - or - Brightfield, Darkfield, 10x, 40x, 100x, as well as a phase centering telescope.
  • Illumination: 6V / 50W quartz halogen Koehler illumination system provides bright, even illumination at any magnification. The centerable lamp is housed externally and has an externally operated mechanism for control of all facets of illumination. A diffuser is housed in the base of the microscope. The diffuser can be easily removed from the light path through a selector switch located on the base.
  • Polarized Light: Two filter slots in the upper part of the stand accommodate an optional analyzer and a First Order Red Compensator (535nm) for screening possible cases of gout. The slide mounted analyzer is removable for quick changes between polarizing and standard brightfield operation. The polarizer is installed over the field iris.
  • Size: 15.9" high.
  • Includes: Vinyl dust cover, 45mm blue filter, 5ml of immersion oil and owner's manual.
  • Warranty: Five year warranty excluding electrical parts.
  • View the Motic BA410E User's Manual
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