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Reticle, Porton Counting

Reticle, Porton Counting
Price: $105.00

The circle area of the porton reticle increase the root 2 progression as do the dividings on the right hand side of the rectangle. These dividings are numbered for convenience. The specimen is racked on the mechanical stage of the microscope and traverses are taken right across the deposit sizing all the particles encountered. Learn more about how to use the Porton reticle here.

Available Porton Reticles in diameters of 16mm through 28mm (please select below when ordering):

  • KR801A - 6.0mm base length
  • KR801B - 6.4mm base length
  • KR801C - 4.5mm base length
  • KR801D - 4.8mm base length
  • KR801E - 8.4mm base length

NOTE: Because the Porton counting chamber reticle is a special order product, Porton reticles are not returnable. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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