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ZEISS USP 751 Pharmaceutical Microscope

SKU: S305-USP751
Price: $3,449.00

ZEISS USP 751 Pharmaceutical Microscope

The ZEISS USP 751 pharmaceutical microscope is used to test for metal particles in opthalmic ointments. This microscope meets the standard requirements required to meet USP 751 guidelines. You can learn more about USP 751 test procedures here.

Viewing Head: 45º inclined Greenough binocular stereo microscope body. Viewing head rotates 360°. Interpupillary distance adjustment from 55mm - 75mm.
Detent: Click stops at 0.8x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x for repeatable measuring.
Eyepieces: Includes widefield 10x / 23mm focusing eyepieces. Eyepiece includes grid reticle 3mm (20x20) so that each square is equal to 50 microns for measuring.
Stage Micrometer:  Includes NIST certified 1" / 25mm stage micrometer.
Objective Lenses:  Zoom range of 0.8x - 4x. 
Zoom Ratio:  5:1
Total Magnification:  8x - 40x. Maximum resolution 200 Lp/mm - 2.5µm.
Specimen Stage: Supplied with gliding X-Y mechanical stage for scanning specimens.
Stand: Post stand with 325mm x 325mm base, 400mm vertical column, coarse focus holder.
Working Distance: 110mm.
Focusing: Coarse focusing.
Illumination:  Integrated near vertical illumination with controller for on/off/dimming light. LED dual pipe illuminator, each pipe contains 3W LED light, with intensity control. 110~240V.
Size & Weight: 225mm (8.9") W x 225mm (8.9") D x 400mm (15.8") H, 12 lbs.
Warranty: 1 year.