Zeiss Primovert Inverted Microscopes

Zeiss Live Cell Culture Inverted Microscopes

The Zeiss Primovert inverted microscopes can fit directly inside your Laminar Flow Box. Examine unstained cells in phase contrast and GFP-labeled cells in fluorescence quickly and efficiently. The Zeiss Primovert microscope is designed especially for cancer and genetic research.

Top 5 Features of Zeiss Primovert Microscope:

  1. Easily switch from phase contrast to fluorescence contrast to analyze both undyed and GFP-labeled cells.
  2. Work in a sterile environment - the Zeiss Primovert fits directly in your Laminar Flow Box.
  3. Zeiss Primovert switches into energy saving mode after 15 minutes without use, saving energy and the life of the light source.
  4. The Primovert can immediately be ready to use again from standby mode with the press of a button.
  5. Digital integration allows you to easily transfer data directly to your PC or use your iPad with the Labscope App.


Simple Phase Zeiss Primovert Inverted Microscope

Zeiss Primovert Live Cell Inverted Microscope


The Zeiss Primovert inverted microscope with simple phase contrast includes:




Zeiss Primovert Full Phase Inverted MicroscopeFull Phase Contrast Zeiss Primovert Inverted Microscopes

The Zeiss Primovert Inverted full phase contrast models include:


Phase Contrast / Epi-Fluorescence Zeiss Primovert iLED Inverted Microscope

Zeiss Primovert iLED Fluorescence Phase Inverted Microscope

The Zeiss Primovert iLED Inverted phase / fluorescence microscope includes:

  • Plan Achromat 4x
  • Plan Achromat 10x Phase
  • LD Plan Achromat 20x Phase
  • LD Plan Achromat 40x Phase
  • LED Fluorescence Illuminator for GFP
  • Easily switch between phase / fluorescence




Images captured with the Zeiss Primovert Inverted Microscopes


Micrasterias Radiata

Micrasterias Radiata captured under the Zeiss Primovert Inverted Digital Microscope using brightfield.


HeLa Cells Captured under Zeiss Primovert Phase Inverted Microscope

HeLa Cells captured under the Zeiss Primovert Inverted Digital Microscope using phase contrast.


Fluorescence Microscopy U2OS Cells using GFP

U2OS Cells captured under the Zeiss Primovert iLED Microscope using GFP Fluorescence.


Pre-Configured Zeiss Primovert Inverted Microscope Packages

Looking for a specific Zeiss Primovert model? Here are some popular configurations with links to the product:

If you have any questions about the Zeiss Primovert inverted microscope, please contact Microscope World.