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Mitutoyo Litematic Low Force Measurement VL-50S

SKU: 318-226A
Price: $8,480.00

Mitutoyo Litematic Low Force Measurement VL-50S

This low force measurement system offers a separate measuring unit and display unit allowing the system to be integrated into the user's existing measurement system. It has a motor driven spindle that moves up and down stopping when the contact point touches the workpiece. There is an optional dedicated stand that can be used to mount the measuring head onto.

  • Measuring range = 0-50mm (0-2")
  • Resolution = 0.10/0.1/1.0µm (0.0000005"/0.000005"/0.00005")
  • Detection method = Reflection type linear encoder
  • Stroke = 51.5mm (0.2") when using a standard contact point
  • Indication accuracy = (20ºC) (0.5+L/100)µm L=arbitrary measuring length (mm)
  • Accuracy guaranteed temperature = 20 +/- 1ºC
  • Repeatability = 0.05µm
  • Measuring force = 0.01N, 0.15N, 1N; select when ordering
  • Feed speed =
    •  Measurement = Approx 2mm/s (0.08"/s) or 4mm/s (0.16"/s) changeable by parameter
    • Fast feed = Approx 8mm/s (0.3"/s)
  • Standard contact point = Ø3mm carbide tipped
  • Measuring table = Ø100 ceramic, grooved and removable 
  • Input = Foot switch input (when optional foot switch is used) External control
  • Output = Digimatic output/RS-232C output
  • Rating = 
    • Power supply = 85-264V AC (depends on AC adapter)
    • Power consumption= Max. 12W (12V,1A)
  • Laser beam safety precautions = Class 1 Laser Product
Mitutoyo Part # = 318-226A, 318-227A, 318-228A
NOTE: This item is not returnable.

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