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ZEISS Labscope Fast Panorama Module

SKU: 410136-0130-100
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ZEISS Labscope Fast Panorama Module

The ZEISS Labscope Fast Panorama module is to be used with ZEISS Labscope software and the Axiocam 305 camera. This module only works on a PC computer with Windows O/S installed.  The Fast Panorama module provides an easy way to stitch together images of a sample into a panoramic image.

Key features:

  • Quickly acquire panoramic images.
  • Acquire images with the full 5 mp resolution of the ZEISS Axiocam 305.
  • Can use different magnifications and objective types, including oil objectives.
  • Can use different contrast methods: brightfield, oil immersion, phase contrast, etc.
  • Applies shading correction.
  • Shows technical information such as the number of images stitched together, the whole image resolution, and the frames per second and focus indicator.
  • Produces optimized stitching results using a high precision realignment process.
  • Can annotate, measure, and add scale bars to images.

Technical requirements:

  • Labscope v3.3 for Windows (Win 10 64-bit)
  • Compatible with all manual microscopes that have a ZEISS Axiocam 305
  • Computer requirements: i5 (8th GEn) quad-core @ 3.0 GHz or above, 8 GB RAM or above



View the ZEISS Labscope Fast Panorama Brochure here.

Zeiss Part # 410136-0130-100

NOTE: This item can only be used with an Axiocam 305 camera and a PC with Windows installed. This item is not returnable.