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Mitutoyo LSM-6902H Laser Scan Micrometer

Mitutoyo laser scan micrometer.
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Mitutoyo LSM-6902H Laser Scan Micrometer

The Mitutoyo LSM-6902H laser scan micrometer is a non-contact, high-accuracy measurement system with the best repeatability available in the 25mm/1" class. The ultra-precise scanning motor enables the highest measurement accuracy. This laser scan micrometer is an excellent option for measuring pin gages or plug gages. An accuracy of +/-0.5µm over the entire measuring range and a higher accuracy of +/-(0.3+0.1ΔD)µm over a narrow range are guaranteed.

  • Display: mm / inch, 16-digit plus 11-digit fluorescent display
  • Measuring Range: 0.1 - 25mm (0.004 - 1.0")
  • Resoultion (selectable): 0.01 to 10µm (0.000001 - 0.0005")
  • Repeatability: Whole range +/-0.045µm (+/-0.0000018")(Ø25mm), Narrow range +/-0.03µm (+/-0.0000012")(Ø10mm)
  • Accuracy: Whole range +/-0.5µm (+/-0.000020"), Narrow range +/-(0.3+.01ΔD) [D:mm]µm (+/-0.000012+0.0001ΔD) [D:inch])
  • Movement Error: +/-0.5µm (+/-0.000020")
  • Measuring Area: +/-1.5x25mm (+/-0.6x1.0")
  • Scanning Rate: 1600 scans/s
  • Laser Wavelength: 650nm (visible)
  • Laser Scanning Speed: 112m/s
  • Display Unit: Includes standard display unit with the following features:
    • Segment: 1-7 (1 to 3, transparent) or 1 to 255 edges.
    • Averaging Times: Arithmetic average: 1 to 2048 scans. Moving average: 32 to 2048 scans.
    • Judgment: Select from: Target value + tolerance, lower tolerance + upper tolerance, or 7 classes multi-limit tolerance zone.
    • Measurement Mode: Standby, single measurement, continuous measurement.
    • Statistical Analysis: Maximum, minimum, max-min, average, dispersion, (S.D)
    • Interfaces: RS-232C and I/O-Analog interfaces provided.
    • Power Supply: 100~240V AC
    • Size/Weight: 335mm W x 134mm H x 250mm D, 11 lbs.

Mitutoyo part #: 544-499A
NOTE: This item is not returnable.

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