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Polarizing 120 LED Ring Light for Stereo Microscopes

Polarizing LED ring light
Price: $450.00

Polarizing LED Ring Light

This polarizing LED ring light has a built-in polarizer and analyzer for reducing glare and reflections when viewing metallic parts with the stereo microscope.  The LED ring light has the following features:

  • 120 LED lights offer cool, bright illumination.
  • 62mm ID - works with most stereo microscopes.
  • Light intensity rheostat control 0-100%.
  • Rotatable analyzer 360º, polarizer drops into slot and is removable.
  • Light color = white.
  • LED life = 20,000 hours.
  • Working distance 40-120mm.
  • 100~240V, 0.5A, 50/60Hz, UL and CE certified.
  • Dimensions: OD = 90mm, 33mm H x 99mm L
View images captured with the polarizing LED ring light here.

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