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Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Digital Microscope

Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Digital Microscope

Zeiss Smartzoom 5 Digital Microscope

The Zeiss Smartzoom 5 is an automated digital microscope for routine and failure analysis. This microscope is ideal for quality control and quality assurance applications in industry.

Limited availability. Please contact Microscope World for a quote or further information.

  • Features: 
    • Motorized optical engine combines 3 functions: zoom, overview camera and coaxial illumination in a single component.
    • The Smartzoom 5 features macro recording mode to enhance the workflow for repeat sample analyses of the same type in a step-by-step manner.
    • Integrated QA/QC graphic user interface combines with gesture control to support a seamless macro-to-detail workflow, allowing easy navigation at all times.
    • Image presets and enhancement help obtain the best image.
    • System's guided workflow in combination with calibrated components supports user-independent measurement results.
    • Quickly measure depth and profiles of small parts with a 3-D image.
    • Easily annotate images and export reports to word templates.
    • Includes computer system, easy to assemble in a few minutes.
    • The microscope's swing arm allows viewing of structures on the sample surface from continuously adjustable angles between -45º and +45º. As the head swivels, the pivot point of the swivel axis remains stable, and likewise the focus remains squarely on the sample.
  • Applications: automotive industry, electronics industry, metal industry and medical device industry.
  • Objective Lenses:
    • PlanApo D 0.5x/0.3, FWD = 30mm
    • PlanApo D 1.6x/0.1, FWD = 36mm
    • PlanApo D 0.5x/0.03, FWD = 79mm

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