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Zeiss Axio Imager Vario Microscope

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Zeiss Axio Imager Vario Microscope

The Zeiss Axio Imager Vario microscope is the perfect upright microscope for larger samples. This microcope is automated and clean room compatible. Analyze the smallest MEMS sensors up to XXL wafers or even an entire flat panel display without destroying them. The sample height of up to 254mm and lateral sapce of up to 300mm provides a lot of flexibility. Column design provides high stability. The Zeiss Axio Imager Vario is certified to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 and meets Class 5 requirements. A motorized Z-drive in addition to the hardware auto focus ensures the automatic setting of the optimum focus position.

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  • Features: 
    • Maximum sample height up to 254mm.
    • Lateral sample space up to 300mm x 300mm.
    • Choose between two manual and one motorized column with industry compliant 3-button-operation.
    • Zeiss Axio Imager Vario focuses with the nosepiece on the sample, allowing high focusing accuracy and repeatability, especially with heavy samples.
    • Hardware Auto Focus provides precise, fast focusing of reflective samples, which are poor in contrast.
    • Combine Zeiss Axio Imager Vario with LSM 700 to analyze sensitive samples in high resolution without contact.
    • Clean Room:  Clean rooms are classified according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, differentiating by number and size of particles per m3. Axio Imager Vario is certified according to this standard and meets the requirements of clean room class 5. Clean room class ISO 5 is equivalent to class 100 of the former standard FED STD 209E (1992). Use the clean room kit, containing 7x nosepiece turret, particle protection and sneeze guard.
      • Hardware Autofocus: Combine the Axio Imager with Hardware Auto Focus and profit from precise, fast focusing of reflective samples with lock-in range of up to 12000µm. You work with a focus system offering a high precision of 0.3 depth of focus of the objective. Use the auto focus for your applications in reflected light and transmitted light, in brightfield, darkfield, polarization contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC) and oblique illumination.
        • Applications: crystalline silicone solar cells, print screen for solar cells, thin-film solar cells, wafers, photomasks, TFT LCD inspections (ISO 13406-2), automotive industry, natural resources, and the aerospace industry.

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