Microscopy Cameras and Foam Under the Microscope

Microscopy cameras allow you to connect your microscope directly to a computer through the USB or Firewire port and view a live image on the computer. Many of these cameras include software for capturing images, making measurements and performing extended depth of focus stacking.

Foam captured under a Jenoptik microscope camera.Typically when working in low-light conditions, a camera with a CCD chip is best for obtaining crisp, clear resolution in the images. Back illuminated CMOS sensors also allow light to be easily absorbed in the active layer on the sensor and result in a greater quantum efficiency, ultimately resulting in higher quality images.

Microscope cameras with a CMOS chip are better for routine microscopy image capture and documentation.

The image captured at left is foam that was captured with a Jenoptik microscope camera on a metallurgical microscope.

If you have questions regarding which type of microscope camera is best for your application please Contact Microscope World.